Coming soon - P3 Recovery Centre Brighton.

Recovery and wellbeing – in your hands, on your terms – to counteract the demands of modern living. Exciting new location coming soon to Brighton.
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About P3 Recovery Centre Brighton

P3 Recovery Centre Brighton is soon to be your destination to help you put your health and wellbeing back into your hands.

Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating benefits of ice baths, experience the gentle warmth of infrared saunas, and embrace the revitalising effects of contrast therapy. Our centre will not just be a place for recovery; it’s a nurturing space where everyone is encouraged to achieve their health objectives. At P3 Recovery Centre Brighton, we empower you to take control of your wellness journey, providing a warm, inclusive environment that supports your aspirations for better living. Whether you’re seeking to optimise your physical condition, enhance your energy levels, or find a harmonious balance in your daily routine, our centre is committed to being a pivotal part of your wellness narrative. Engage with our community-oriented facility and explore how our dedication to holistic care, innovative approaches, and tailored support can transform your health and invigorate your life, enabling you to thrive in every aspect.

Two men in an ice bath at P3 Recovery

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