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P3 uses science based methodologies and recovery programs to optimise performance and manage healthy levels of physical and mental wellbeing.

Coaches and athletes expertly implement and execute quality intensive training regimes in order to be highly competitive, with themselves or their opposition, and this is where they need to focus.

P3 will support your regimes and enhance performance levels by ensuring post training recovery is not neglected and appropriate strategies are implemented to suit your chosen discipline. Whether it’s cardio, strength, combat, endurance training, or a mixture, our offering has been tailored for athlete recovery and includes the following modalities:

Benefits include

Improved Performance

Regular use of a sports recovery centre can help an athlete to improve their performance and reach their peak fitness levels.

Reduced Injury Risk

By using specialised recovery techniques and equipment, an athlete can reduce their risk of injury and keep their body in top condition.

Quicker Recovery

The advanced recovery tools and techniques offered by a sports recovery centre allow an athlete to recover more quickly from training and competition.

Enhanced Flexibility and Mobility

Regular use of a sports recovery centre can help an athlete to increase their flexibility and mobility, reducing their risk of injury and improving their overall performance.

Improved Endurance

The recovery techniques offered by a sports recovery centre can help an athlete to improve their endurance and stamina, allowing them to push themselves further and perform at their best for longer.

Better Sleep

A sports recovery centre can provide an athlete with the tools and techniques they need to improve their sleep quality and ensure they are fully rested and ready for their next training session.

Reduced Stress

The relaxation and recovery techniques offered by a sports recovery center can help an athlete to reduce stress and manage their mental health, allowing them to perform at their best both on and off the field.

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Optimise your performance and fast-track your recovery with a visit to a sports recovery centre, the secret weapon of elite athletes.

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Some of our most frequently asked questions

What services do P3 sports recovery centre offer?

At P3 sports recovery centre we have the following services.

Ice bath contrast therapy – Experience the ultimate in recovery and rejuvenation with our Wet Therapy zone, featuring a relaxing magnesium-infused ice bath, a rejuvenating hydrotherapy pool, a revitalising cold immersion plunge pool, and a warming hot contrast plunge pool, all accommodating up to 10 people simultaneously.

Infrared sauna – Experience healing and rejuvenation with our Near Infrared therapy – its short wavelength is absorbed just beneath the skin, inducing a sweat that promotes wellbeing. Take it further with Mid Infrared therapy, which uses a longer wavelength to reach deeper into the body’s soft tissue, increasing circulation and delivering oxygen to injured areas for enhanced recovery.

Compression therapy – Our Game Ready System is a top-notch treatment solution that optimises post-injury recovery and pain management through the integration of active compression and cold therapy. Experience the power of accelerated healing with this world-class system.

Hyperbaric Chamber – With faster wound healing, quicker reduction in swelling, improved blood flow to injured areas, detoxification and overall wellness promotion, our treatment system combines active compression and cold therapies to empower you in aiding patients with recovery and managing residual pain from chronic illness or surgery. The mild hyperbaric chamber also enhances and speeds up recovery by creating a pressurised environment.

Breathwork workshops – Correct breathing is an important aspect of maximising the benefits of cold exposure in our ice bath and cold immersion pool. By stabilising your breathing and focusing while entering these therapeutic zones, you can enhance the healing and revitalisation effects of the cold water. This simple technique will help you fully immerse yourself in the experience and take full advantage of its therapeutic benefits.

IV therapy – IV or Intramuscular Nutrition Therapy is an efficient method of supplementing your body with essential vitamins and minerals. It delivers the nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing digestion and providing 100% absorption. This therapy helps to maintain optimal health and wellness by providing the body with the nutrients it needs.

More information can be found here https://p3recovery.com.au/#services

Who can use P3 sports recovery centre?

P3 sports recovery centre is designed to cater to the needs of athletes and individuals who are physically active. This can include professional athletes, amateur athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone who engages in physical activity regularly. The goal of P3 is to support and enhance athletic performance, improve recovery, reduce injury risk, and promote overall wellness.

Anyone who is looking to improve their athletic performance, reduce fatigue, and recover from injury or strain can benefit from the services offered by a P3 sports recovery centre. We offer a variety of services, such as contrast therapy, infrared sauna, compression therapy, hydrotherapy, Hyperbaric Chamber, breathwork workshops, IV therapy and more, all aimed at promoting optimal athletic performance and recovery.

What is the cost of using P3 sports recovery centre?

Our complete price list can be found here https://p3recovery.com.au/pricing/

How often should an athlete visit a sports recovery centre?

The frequency of visiting P3 sports recovery centre largely depends on individual needs and goals. For athletes, it can be an integral part of their training routine to prevent injury and maintain optimal performance. Recreational athletes may benefit from occasional visits after intense physical activity. Those seeking injury rehabilitation may require more frequent visits to help speed up the recovery process. The best way to determine how often to use P3 sports recovery centre is to consult with a professional and create a customised recovery plan that addresses specific needs and goals.

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