Coming soon - P3 Recovery Coburg.

Recovery and wellbeing – in your hands, on your terms – to counteract the demands of modern living. Exciting new location coming soon to Coburg.
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About P3 Recovery Centre Coburg

P3 Recovery Centre Coburg is soon to be your destination to help you put your health and wellbeing back into your hands.

A possible future space for health and wellness, designed to cater to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Immerse yourself in an array of tailored therapies such as infrared saunas, ice baths, and contrast therapy, all aimed at nurturing your physical and mental resilience. P3 Recovery Centre Coburg will be more than just a recovery destination; it will be a budding community where each individual is encouraged to flourish and achieve their well-being aspirations. Whether you’re aiming to reduce stress, enhance physical recovery, or seek a harmonious balance in your life, our centre is poised to offer the support and resources you need. Stay tuned for P3 Recovery Centre Coburg and be among the first to experience a place where well-being is not just a concept, but a lived, communal journey towards achieving your best self.

Two men in an ice bath at P3 Recovery

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