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About P3 Recovery Centre Springwood

P3 Recovery Centre Springwood is soon to be your destination to help you put your health and wellbeing back into your hands.

Join us for relaxation, health, and community connection in the heart of Springwood. Offering science-backed therapies such as ice baths, infrared saunas, and contrast therapy, this space will provide you with the ideal place to alleviate stress, boost your mood and reclaim your energy. Whether you live or work in Brisbane, P3 Recovery Centre Springwood is your destination to restore your mind, body, and soul.

Keep an eye out for our grand opening, and get ready to discover a fresh perspective on wellbeing!

Group of people using the contrast therapy pools at P3 recovery

Membership options

$35Per Week

Wet Therapy Only

$125Per Week

Unlimited Weekly

Weekly Direct Debit. No lock in contract, turn on & off. Unlimited visits. 2 x month minimum.

Other pricing options

Single Service

Wet Therapy

Coming soon$30

Compression Therapy

Coming soon$30

Infrared Sauna

Coming soon$40

Hyperbaric Chamber

Coming soon$90

Multi Service

Wet Therapy + Infrared Sauna

Coming soon$55

Wet Therapy + Compression Therapy

Coming soon$40

Where you can find us

Shop 7 / 1-15 Lexington Road,
Springwood Qld 4127

Coming Soon

Opening Hours

  • Monday
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Some of our most frequently asked questions

What Makes P3 Recovery Centre Springwood Unique?

Discover a unique wellness journey at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood, where we prioritise your health and wellbeing. Our Springwood center offers a sanctuary for body and mind rejuvenation, providing innovative recovery therapies tailored to your holistic health needs. Experience unparalleled wellness in an environment meticulously crafted for your recovery journey.

Why Choose P3 Recovery Centre Springwood for Your Wellness Needs?

P3 Recovery Centre Springwood offers an exceptional retreat for wellness enthusiasts seeking the latest therapeutic advancements. From eco-conscious practices to cutting-edge wellness technologies, our center offers a serene haven designed for your ultimate health benefit. Immerse yourself in a distinctive experience where every detail caters to your recovery and rejuvenation.

What Recovery Therapies Are Available at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood?

At P3 Recovery Centre Springwood, we offer a diverse range of recovery options to support your wellness journey. From invigorating ice baths and soothing hot plunges to advanced saunas and compression therapies, our suite of recovery services is designed to meet your every need, promoting balance, relaxation, and revitalised well-being.

How Does P3 Recovery Centre Springwood Embrace Inclusivity?

At P3 Recovery Centre Springwood, inclusivity is at our core. We welcome individuals from all walks of life, offering a range of therapies to accommodate different health goals and lifestyles. Our community-focused approach ensures everyone feels supported and empowered to achieve their wellness aspirations.

Can I Trial the Services at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood?

es, P3 Recovery Centre Springwood offers trial sessions and flexible memberships, allowing you to explore our therapies and find the best fit for your wellness routine. Experience our services firsthand without long-term commitments, ensuring a personalized and effective recovery journey.

What Are the Operating Hours of P3 Recovery Centre Springwood?

P3 Recovery Centre Springwood caters to your schedule with extended operating hours, accommodating early risers and evening visitors alike. Our centre is designed to be accessible when you need it most, ensuring you can always incorporate our recovery therapies into your daily routine. See below for full operational hours.

How Do I Book a Session at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood?

Booking your recovery sessions at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood is effortless with our user-friendly app. Our convenient booking system allows you to secure your preferred therapies, ensuring a seamless and focused recovery experience tailored to your needs.

What Community Benefits Does P3 Recovery Centre Springwood Offer?

P3 Recovery Centre Springwood is more than just a recovery centre—it’s a community where wellness enthusiasts can connect and thrive. We foster a supportive environment for members to share, inspire, and grow together, creating a collective journey towards enhanced health and well-being. Join us and be part of a nurturing community dedicated to mutual support and personal development.

Why Choose Ice Bath Therapy at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood?

Dive into the invigorating world of Ice Bath Therapy at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood. Tailored for those seeking enhanced recovery and reduced muscle soreness, our ice baths offer a refreshing experience that promotes well-being in Springwood.

How Can Contrast Therapy Benefit Me at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood?

iscover the dynamic benefits of Contrast Therapy at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood, where alternating hot and cold treatments stimulate circulation, aid in muscle recovery, and provide a unique and energising wellness experience in Springwood.

What Is Unique About the Infrared Sauna Experience at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood?

Step into the soothing ambiance of the Infrared Sauna at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood, where deep heat penetration offers detoxification benefits, relaxation, and a boost in skin health, making it a serene retreat in Springwood.

What Can I Expect From Compression Therapy at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood?

Engage with Compression Therapy at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood, where advanced technology aids in enhancing blood flow, accelerating recovery, and reducing muscle fatigue, providing a cutting-edge solution to wellness in Springwood.

How Does IV Drip Therapy Enhance Well-being at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood?

Elevate your health with customised IV Drip Therapy at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood. This treatment offers direct nutrient infusion, promoting enhanced hydration, vitality, and an overall sense of well-being in Springwood.

What Makes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Effective at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood?

Experience the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at P3 Recovery Centre Springwood, where breathing pure oxygen in a controlled environment aids in accelerating healing processes, improving oxygen delivery to tissues, and supporting overall recovery in Springwood.

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